Niagara Falls Picnic AZ

When and Where

The date for the

2023 Niagara Falls Picnic

has been confirmed.

It is Sunday, March 19, 2023!

The 3rd Sunday in March.

9:00AM -9:00 PM

at Rio Vista Community Park

(located off of Loop 101 and Thunderbird Rd)

We have reserved two ramadas, #5 & #6.

We have ramada 5 from 9:00AM-9PM & ramada 6 from 1-5.


Please remember



We have secured a beer permit which allows for canned beer ONLY  and NO other form of alcohol is allowed.

The picnic is B.Y.O.E.

(Bring Your Own Everything! Food, Drinks, Snacks, etc.)

There are grills to cook whatever you want to barbeque.

On this page there will be updated information as to when and where the picnic will be held each year.

From about 1985 -2006 the picnic was scheduled on the 3rd Sunday in March and was held at Saguaro Ranch Park in Glendale.

In 2007 the picnic moved to a new site, Rio Vista Community Park located off of the Loop 101 and Thunderbird Road.  A nicer, newer park with more amenities.

That year the date of the picnic was moved to late April to coincide with the 30 year reunion for the LaSalle Sr. High Class of '77. 

Because of so many rain outs that caused us to cancel and reschedule the picnic, we decided to keep it in April for several years.

However, the late April date actually brought temperatures that were too hot for some of us. 

Many of the attendees requested it be moved back to March in hopes of cooler temperatures.

So we have moved the date back to March and will try to make it at the end of March when possible. 

The bottom line is just come to this website for updates

 as to when the picnic will be scheduled each year!

Satellite View

Here is an aerial photograph of the picnic location. 

Rio Vista Park is very easy to find, just west of the Loop 101 Agua Fria Freeway and North of Thunderbird Road.

Here is a Google map

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